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Litigation and



When a dispute rises to the level of litigation, you need a competent attorney who is capable of being aggressive and using the rules of procedure to gain every possible advantage in your favor. With years of experience in both state and Federal court, we can help you navigate through case investigation, filing of initial pleadings, discovery, motion practice, trial, and post-judgment collection efforts.

In addition to ensuring that the most strategic avenues are taken, our attorneys always keep in mind that you and/or your company have other items on your agenda, and we carry the load for you so that you can focus on the things that matter most to you.


Arbitration is similar to traditional litigation; except rather than trying the case to a judge or jury, a single arbitrator or panel of arbitrators will act as both judge and jury. Although the rules of procedure and evidence used in state or Federal court generally do not apply, arbitration proceedings often have procedural quirks that require a keen eye and an unflinching ability to adapt. Johnson Friedman Law Group's attorneys will use their proven litigation skills and instincts to show the arbitrator(s) why your side of the argument is right, and why they should find in your favor. Whether you voluntarily submitted to arbitration or are contractually required to arbitrate your claims, contact us to help you design the most effective arbitration strategy for your situation.

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