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Entity Formation

and Governance

Starting a new company is a very exciting process and one that must be navigated by somebody with knowledge of the administrative and statutory paths that need to be taken. Whether you are starting a new business or need to use the corporate form to protect yourself in the business in which you already operate, Johnson Friedman Law Group can help. After discussing your business goals and potential liabilities, Johnson Friedman Law Group helps you determine the appropriate corporate form to suit your needs and prepare all the corporate formation documents you need to get up and running. We will also help you draft the documents necessary to ensure that your company is run in an orderly fashion and in compliance with applicable statutes and regulations.

Formation of a company is not enough to ensure success. Making a profit is not enough to guarantee longevity of your business. Even if you’re turning a profit and have formed a legal entity through which you operate, Texas law still mandates that you maintain your corporate practices through annual meetings, resolutions, and additional transactions. Johnson Friedman Law Group guides companies to help them keep their books in order so that they are prepared in the event of an audit, or should the need arise to show that your company is a legitimate going concern.

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