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Creditors' Rights

Few things are more frustrating than providing your goods, services, and resources to a customer or client, only to have them violate their agreement by not compensating you according to your agreement. Regardless of the reasons they may fail to do so, we know your business relies on people keeping their promise to pay you.

Our creditors' rights practice includes a broad variety of matters serving both secured and unsecured lenders and service providers in various types of collection matters including litigation, bankruptcy protection, and asset recovery. Having legal advisors on our team who understand the complexities of bankruptcy and litigation, Johnson Friedman Law Group is poised to help its clients through a variety of distressed business situations.

Bringing a common-sense approach and creative problem solving, JFLG maximizes client recovery without exhausting financial resources in matters including:

  • Sequestration/Replevin Actions

  • Bankruptcy Litigation

  • Consumer Protection Defense

  • Creditor Litigation

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